Ryan Mennealy Ceramics

"I’ve been playing with clay for as long as I can remember. From visits to my dad’s ceramics classroom and growing up with a pottery wheel on our deck, to eventually studying ceramics in college, all roads have lead me to where I am today…a potter.

Although I perforate my pieces for aesthetic reasons, some of the holes also serve a more tangible purpose. Those intended holes are words "written" in Morse Code. A small hole represents a “dot” and a large hole represents a “dash.”

I refer to my Morse Code pieces as subliminal works. By encoding a word (or words) into the piece, it becomes a talisman. Whether or not the viewer consciously acknowledges the text, the piece is a beacon for its embedded code. And I aim to fill the world with objects of hope, love, dreams, and as many other positive permutations as possible.

I throw, cast, drill, and glaze every piece by hand, making each object unique. If you have any questions about my process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me."

-Ryan Mennealy

For ordering or questions about Ryan Mennealy lighting and ceramics please contact the Harbinger Showroom. To view more styles and colors available please visit www.ryanmennealy.com